July 24, 2014

Triangle Swing Tank

So, we just got an iMac. It is quite possibly the most expensive thing we've ever bought together to date, which is pretty crazy when you think about nearly 6 years of marriage. We have old cars and haven't bought our own house yet (but plan to buy both in the next year, so help me), but I digress.  I tend to have crazy bad buyers remorse for even silly little things, so I thought surely I'd have some buyers remorse over this beautiful beast of slick machinery, but so far I'm totally smitten. I'm totally lost, seeing as how I've only ever owned PC's, but I'm googling it all and figuring things out. Unfortunately, what I didn't figure out until it was too late, was that Adobe Bridge and iPhoto don't work so well together. Yes, we got a new computer, and some fancy new programs (upgraded to CS6 from CS3- woo!) and then I mindlessly tried to navigate, assuming surely it would work similarly to a PC, and somehow I ended up messing things up real good. I lost all the pictures from this photoshoot, but luckily everything else we have is hanging out on an external hard drive. I'm still not sure what I did, but I did manage to recover these pictures, so all is well for now.

Long story long, I'm happy I didn't have to retake these, because although my model is adorable, she's not always super cooperative:)

July 22, 2014

Mini Blinging Prefontaines

It's Kids Clothes Week again!! Which means I'll be busily sewing all the things, and actually posting about them in almost real time. I prepped for Kids Clothes Week by cutting out most of my projects ahead of time so I could bust them out real quick like. It's immensely satisfying to finish up multiple projects in a matter of days, so the prep is well worth it, particularly since I'll be heading to the beach at the end of the week (HAAAALLELUJAH!) so I won't be able to sew the entire week. I did start a day early though, to make up for my beach weekend, so I made these shorts on Sunday.

June 10, 2014

Metallic Dot Bombshell

Yep, it's another bathing suit. I'm a little obsessed. It's just such an immensely satisfying project! Maybe it's because I never thought I'd make a bathing suit, or maybe its all those years of ill fitting suits, but I just can't help but feel rockin when I put on my self made suit and head to the pool. So I made another, using the same fabulous Bombshell pattern by Closet Case Files. Because why not?

June 4, 2014

Gingham Bombshell for Perfect Pattern Parcel

Hello again, friends! I'm back with another project made using the patterns sent to me by Perfect Pattern Parcel from Parcel #3. Sewing a swimsuit has been a secret goal of mine ever since I saw the one Miriam made (I've been a long time fan of hers) so when I saw the Bombshell Swimsuit pattern in the patterns sent to me I took it as a sign and worked up the courage to give it a go. It didn't hurt that the design is exactly my style- in fact, I already own a swimsuit that could be mistaken for a Bombshell that I LOVE but doesn't fit my current hip size. Anybody else feel like they need at least four different wardrobes through the childbearing years?? Swimsuits just don't bridge the gap between pre-pregnancy and postpartum like other clothes can. They either fit or they don't. Too loose and it's hanging off and dragging in the water, too tight and it hurts!  That's the plight I'm in this summer- I've got a great suit that is too tight to bear, and a great suit that is hanging off of me. We've got an awesome pool close by and two girls who love water, so dealing with an ill fitting suit just aint gonna cut it this summer!

Enter, my Gingham Bombshell:

June 2, 2014

Blingin' Prefontaines for Perfect Pattern Parcel

I'm so so excited to be sewing for Perfect Pattern Parcel again- this time for Parcel #3. Not sure what Perfect Pattern Parcel is? Here's the gist of it, straight from their own mouths...er...keyboard.

"Here at Perfect Pattern Parcel, we believe in supporting independent pattern designers. It’s our opinion that indie patterns are just, well, better than big box patterns, and we’re pretty sure our customers think so too. So, we allow customers to show their support in naming their own price for each Parcel.  We also encourage customers to allocate part of their Parcel price to the charity Donorschoose.org in order to help classrooms in need. Pattern Parcel donates all profits after expenses from Parcel sales to the charity as well. Together we've raised almost $4,500 towards eliminating educational inequality."

May 28, 2014

Ombre Bohemian Babydoll

When I saw the Bohemian Babydoll Dress and Top pattern by Elegance and Elephants popping up all over my blog feed I fell in love. The curves are phenomenal and the simplicity is right up my alley. No closures means my fiercely independent three year old can dress herself at will (which she does, multiple times, every day) without needing me to button or zip every time she's ready for a change. Hallelujah! She also demands dresses most days, but loose fitting, flowy tops are considered dresses in Charly land, so I also knew this would actually make it into her rotation. The hem band appealed to me because I just don't like hemming. It isn't hard, or complicated, I just don't like it. I think it is the folding and ironing. I'll iron seams all day long, but folding the edge and keeping it consistent is tedious to me. I don't purchase a lot of patterns; I have to REALLY love something to buy it, and then I try to use it in several different ways. But man, I had to have this one. So I pulled the trigger and sewed up three of them assembly line style, one for a gift and one for each of my girls. This one is the one I made for Charly.

May 13, 2014

Scooped: Smokey S'mores Ice Cream

Photo by Brinn Willis {BMW} Photography

Our blog started about 5 or so years ago as a family blog, and since then it has served as some combo of food/family/sewing blog depending on our moods. Now it is mostly sewing blog, which is as it should be, Holli is the talented one in this family with her awesome sewing skills. She is taking the blog by storm, but every so often I flex my creative muscles, hijack her blog, and post about what I am passionate about...ICE CREAM! So from now on consider this a subcategory of the Stitched blog called Scooped. In an odd way ice cream and handmade clothes have a couple things in common: 1) They are homemade and 2) a lot of people would rather just buy them instead of making them themselves. 

That being said, let's get to the heart of the matter. My newest flavor, Smokey S'mores.
I have a love hate relationship with s'mores. I like the idea of them. I like the social hang by the fire vibe, casually toasting your marshmallows on a stick and the combination of crunchy graham cracker, with toasty charred marshmallow and rich delicious chocolate seems like a match made in heaven. However I feel the execution is flawed. When you bite in, the graham cracker crumbles and the whole thing falls apart.